Robert Victor Mannion

Retired before 1966: No

Rank History

Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy 1|6|1995
Lieutenant Royal Navy 1|6|1987
Sub Lieutenant Royal Navy 1|1|1985
Midshipman Royal Navy 1|1|1983

Decorations and Post Nominals

pce SM

RN Branch Arm or Group (2007 style)


Branch and Specialisation (pre 2007 style)



Self History:

Served in :

2015:No officer service
2014:No officer service
2013:No officer service
2012:FMW Centre Portsmouth
2011:Maritime Warfare Centre
2010:As above
2009:As above
2008:British Defence Section Bahrain
2007:Gosport (Fort Blockhouse)
2006:Submarine Escape Training Tank, Fort Blockhoue, Gosport, PO12 2AB
2005:As above
2004:As above
2003:As above
2002:Flag Officer Submarines (Gosport)
2001:As above
2000:Maritime Warfare Centre, Portsdown
1999:As above
1998:Exchange Service with Australia
1997:As above
1996:HMS FEARLESS L10 Amphibious Assault Ship. 11,580 tonnes, length 158 metres, beam 24.4 metres, complement 547, Phalanyx Gun system and close range guns
1995:HMS ARK ROYAL R07 (Invincible Class Aircraft Carrier) 22,000 tonnes, length 210 metres, beam 36 metres, complement 682 plus 366 for air squadrons, Armament Goalkeeper gun system, close range guns. BFPO212. Total Crew 1,051.
1994:HMS NEPTUNE, Faslane, Helensburgh, Argyll and Bute G84 8HL Captain Sea and Shore Submarine Training
1993:HMS SPARTAN (Swiftsure Class Fleet Nuclear Submarine) 5000 tonnes, length 82.9 metres, beam 10.1 metres, complement 116, armament Sub Harpoon missiles, Torpedoes, TLAM
1992:As above
1991:As above
1990:HMS ONSLAUGHT Oberon Class Patrol Submarine 1610 tons
1989:As above
1988:HMS DOLPHIN, Gosport, Hants
1987:HMS SOVEREIGN (Swiftsure Class Fleet Nuclear Submarine) 5000 tonnes, length 82.9 metres, beam 10.1 metres, complement 116, armament Sub Harpoon missiles, Torpedoes, TLAM
1986:As above
1985:HMS MANCHESTER D95 (Type 42 Stretched Destroyer) 3,880 tonnes, length 139 metres, beam 15.2 metres, complement 269, armament 114mm gun, Sea Dart missile system, Phalanx gun system, anti submarine torpedo tubes, close range guns, Lynx helicopter. BFPO331.
1984:As above
1983:No officer service
1982:No officer service
1981:No officer service
1980:No officer service
1979:No officer service
1978:No officer service
1977:No officer service
1976:No officer service
1975:No officer service
1974:No officer service
1973:No officer service
1972:No officer service
1971:No officer service
1970:No officer service
1969:No officer service
1968:No officer service
1967:No officer service
1966:No officer service

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